WARMER MIXTAPES #1232 | by Natalie McCool

1. Cocteau Twins | Heaven Or Las Vegas 
All time favourite song #1. It's like I've always known this song, it's one of those. I feel like I grew up with it because my sisters always played it when I was really young. Elizabeth Fraser's voice is magic. I am really inspired by their sound.

2. Deftones | Cherry Waves
I love this band. This song is one of my favourites of theirs, it's lush. It's about drowning, but using drowning as a metaphor. If like you should sink down beneath, I'll swim down. Would you? Would You? - if you saved someone, would they save you in return? Deftones also have this kind of Wall of Sound guitar sound which I love and it really influences some of my guitar playing.

3. Jesca Hoop | Angel Mom 
Ever since I supported Jesca as part of her tour I have been in love with her Music. She is absolutely amazing and this song is so emotional - she wrote it about her late mother. It's beautiful and I suggest you listen to it too.

4. The Stone Roses | I Wanna Be Adored 
Every time I hear this song I feel as though I'm at a festival, the bassline is so hypnotic and John Squire's guitar line is very powerful, he is a guitarist who inspires me so much.

5. PJ Harvey | Is This Desire? 
One of the more subtle PJ Harvey tracks but I think it's beautiful. The arrangement is simple but divine, and the way she sings it is so soulful and plaintive. I think she's a genius.

6. The Cribs | You're Gonna Lose Us 
This reminds me of being a teenager, the song is so short but just raucous and catchy and perfect. The guitar solo is like a guitar-solo-version of a 50s Daz advert. Terry Christian is in the video too, which I would have loved to be in!

7. King Krule | Easy Easy 
I love the guitar tone and sound in this track. His voice is really gutteral too which I actually really like. The song is about being young and bored and reprimanded for it.

8. New Radicals | You Only Get What You Give
All time favourite song #2. I think the chord sequence is the thing I love most about this song, it has such a dreamy feel. I love the concept of the song too, I believe in Karma.

9. Buke And Gase | Hiccup 
This band is unreal, I saw them live very recently for the first time and it blew my mind. They are a duo and have homemade instruments, a buke (guitar and ukelele hybrid) and gase (a guitar bass hybrid). This track is so badass, lots of crunchy bass lines and a really powerful driving rhythm. I have no idea what the lyrics are about but that doesn't even matter because the arrangement is so interesting.

10. Adina Howard | Freak Like Me
All time favourite song #3. This was released in 1995 and ever since I first heard it (albeit being very very young), I will always count it as a favourite track of mine. The melody and lyrics are so soulful and the way she sings it is just attitude. I like songs that really represent the person who is singing them and this song is a crystal clear representation of Adina Howard. Just listen to it.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1231 | by Anna Luisa Daigneault [Quilla] of Feast Of Spirits, Banana Lazuli, Pamplemousse Explosion and Mono Y Banana

Photo by Harvey Robinson

1. Sia | Chandelier
This song is intensely beautiful and wild. It really makes me want to swing from the chandeliers. The sonic essence and the underlying message converge into one big explosion in my brain. No matter what mood I am in, I feel uplifted. The Music Video is also amazing.

2. Regina Spektor | You've Got Time (Orange Is The New Black Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
My jaw literally dropped when I first heard this song, which is the theme song to one of the most intriguing shows on Netflix, Orange Is The New Black. The composition itself is genius, and the pairing with the visuals makes it even more powerful. Production-wise, this song is gold. The dynamics, the vocals, the choice blend of instruments... It all resonates in me. If I can compose a song half this good, I will die happy.

3. Paris Blohm & Taylr Renee | Left Behinds 
The lyrics are just so chilling and strange, and the Music Production is heart-stoppingly good. The result is an innovative lyrical gem. One day, my dream would be to battle Taylr Renee in an EDM-lyric-writing competition to see who can come up with the most weirdly ethereal yet accessible lyrics! Taylr Renee, it's on!!

4. Dan Croll | From Nowhere
Solid songwriting from a solid composer and performer. Solid. I recently saw him in concert with his band, and they were all such great performers with a wonderful synergy to them. Music School achievers dominate the stage, in a beautiful way.

5. Maroon 5 | Maps
A teenage onslaught of emotions occurs in my heart whenever I hear this song. Adam Levine exists in some surreal place in my head, and it just makes me melt when I hear his voice. Sigh... Yup, I feel about 14 years old right now. It happens every time. Please get out of my brain, Adam Levine.

6. Grimes | Go (feat. Blood Diamonds)
I love the new song from Grimes. Just recently released, I love the direction she is taking, and the production quality on this track is quite stellar. I love her older material too, but this song represents everything Grimes is capable of when she collaborates with some of the best engineers out there in the Music Industry.

7. Lhasa De Sela | Con Toda Palabra
One of my favorite singers, period. She walked the Earth for only a short time. Timid yet fierce, delicate yet ruthless in her vocal style, Lhasa was unique. I think of her Music every day and wish to channel some of her Emotion into my Music. I wonder what it would have been like if Lhasa did Dance Music...

8. Madonna | La Isla Bonita
Tender moments, Tropical Island Breeze, Spanish guitar... Coupled with infectious beats streaming through an 80s boombox. A classic feeling from one of Pop Music's great protagonists. Madonna rules in a superb, hardcore way.

9. Tori Amos | Precious Things
I could listen to this song every single day of my life and not get tired of it. A piano virtuoso and a truly gifted lyricist and vocalist, Tori Amos has inspired me since I first heard her album Little Earthquakes, on a mixtape given to me by a dear friend. Hearing her voice and message coming at me from the dusty Walkman made a big impact on my young brain. I will never forget how her Music affected my perception of what could, and should, be said in a song.

10. Everything But The Girl | Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
This song was probably my first introduction to how powerful vocals in Dance Music can be. As a young kid, I remember hearing this song late one night on the radio. I had snuck out of my bedroom window onto the roof of my house, and I was listening to Music and staring at the Full Moon. I heard this song, and was struck by the imagery and story told in the song. So nostalgic and heart-breaking. I wondered at that moment if maybe, just maybe, I could write lyrics for Dance Music one day. I never thought it would actually happen though! I still come back to this song often for Inspiration.

+11. Radiohead | Lucky
I was a huge fan of Radiohead growing up, and this song is one of the lesser-known gems on their ground-breaking album, OK Computer. We are standing on the edge... That lyric from Thom Yorke just haunted me incessantly and motivated me to concoct songs exploring emotions that are subtle and difficult to describe just using words.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1230 | by Oskar Schuster

The list is kind of a chronology of my discoveries in Music from the age of 14 until the recent years.

1. Frédéric Chopin | Fantaisie-Impromtu (Played by Nikita Magaloff)
This piece has a special place in my heart. Without it, I probably wouldn't be a musician. I started playing the piano when I was six years old but I didn’t take it very seriously at first. The music I had to play, mainly Mozart and Haydn, didn't really touched me. One day, when I was fourteen, a friend from my class came to visit me in the Summer holidays. I knew he was extremely good at the piano but I never had heard him play before. He sat down at my piano and started to play Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromtu. I was instantly blown away by the beauty of the Music and the virtuosity of his playing. At that moment I decided to practice so much that eventually I would be able to play it, too. It started my passion for the Piano and for Music in general.

2. The Beatles | Strawberry Fields Forever
I discovered The Beatles at around the same time when I discovered Chopin. The next few years I spent so much time listening to all of their albums until gradually I knew the lyrics to each of their songs by heart - I actually still do after so many years. Strawberry Fields Forever remains my all-time favorite. It's about feeling insecure and misunderstood and therefore escaping into a Dream World. I still can identify with that.

3. Bob Dylan | Mr. Tambourine Man
The most poetic song of all time, in my opinion.

4. Nirvana | Come As You Are
In the early nineties when Nirvana's fame was on the peak, I was just a little bit too young to be listening to this kind of Music. I discovered Nirvana when I was seventeen. It was my second big addiction after The Beatles.

5. Radiohead | Pyramid Song
Radiohead was the first band I discovered online and their songs were among the first mp3s I had on my computer when mp3s were a new thing. Amnesiac became my favorite album and I remember listening endlessly to Pyramid Song, being fascinated by the Mysteriousness of its lyrics and the strange time signature.

6. Jacques Brel | Marieke
My first girlfriend was French and I started to listen to French Chanson around the time I first met her. I fell in Love with the French language and above all with Jacques Brel's amazing songs and performances I used to watch endlessly on YouTube. This song mixes French and Flemish (Dutch) lyrics and speaks of a lost Love. It perfectly captures a feeling I can very much relate to. And I love the way Brel always starts his songs very soft but ends them with a climax crying all his heart out.

7. Sigur Rós | Glósóli
I never went to concerts when I was young. The first real concert I attended was Sigur Rós in Munich, 2005. They opened the show with this song. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life and every time I hear this song, it takes me back to it.

8. Hector Berlioz | Symphonie Fantastique: Épisode De La Vie D'un Artiste... En Cinq Parties (Played by Orchestre De La Société Des Concerts Du Conservatoire; Conductor: André Cluytens)
One of the most ahead-of-its-time compositions ever and one of the finest examples of Program Music. I love the way the Music tells a story. I discovered this piece during my studies of Musicology in Munich.

9. Beirut | Postcards From Italy
This song not only makes me think of a time in my life I really tend to get nostalgic about but it also portrays nearly perfectly the feeling of Nostalgia and Melancholy in general. Besides it's one of those wonderful Pop songs that are simple and complex at the same time: it actually consists of two different songs, the first half speaks of the Past (starting with The times we had…), the second half of the Future (starting with And I will love to see that day...).

10. Ludwig van Beethoven | Symphony No. 7 In A Major, Op. 92 - Second Movement: Allegretto (Performed by London Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Josef Krips)
I think this melody is Sadness and Beauty in Perfection. It has some kind of enigma about it, hiding something true beneath its surface. I heard this piece (consciously) for the first time as part of the soundtrack of Love Exposure (Ai No Mukidashi), which became one of my favorite movies, mostly because of the scene that features this music.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1229 | by Tom Boutwood [morsø]

1. Shlohmo | Seriously
The album that this track features on, Bad Vibes, was a massive game-changer for me. I think I was 13 when I heard it, about the time when all I listened to was really shitty Dance Music, before I even knew Music like this existed. A friend told me to listen to the album and it blew my mind - it was shortly after this I started making Music of my own. Seriously was the first song I heard and is probably my favourite track off Bad Vibes, but there isn't one on the album that I don't like.

2. Philip Glass | Mad Rush
I started to teach myself piano a couple of months ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I think this song was the main catalyst for me taking it up, this and the rest of Metamorphosis album. The bit in the middle where it goes mad is so unexpected, it blew me away when I first heard it.

3. mvnners | Without You
mvnners makes these really beautiful, simple tunes and this is one which I've been playing a lot since it came out.

4. Four Tet | My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
Four Tet is one of my favourite artists, he always manages to make the strangest and most different sounds to fit so perfectly with each other.

5. Geotic | Beaming Husband
Geotic (aka Baths) makes really lovely, simple guitar loops. His songs make the perfect soundtrack for a bus/train journey.

6. Tim Hecker | Virginal II
This album, Virgins, is really fucking amazing. This song stood out from the rest, he takes this strange melody which gradually builds up in to this huge wall of Sound that totally engrosses you.

7. Houses | Medicine
I heard this song on a mix and it was totally amazing. The song is so simple, it only really consists of 2 separate parts, but when the 2nd section is introduced it carries you away with it.

8. Grouper | Water People
Grouper makes lovely tunes, mostly just using her voice and a guitar. The songs are so simple and a lot of them are based on just one little loop, but her voice totally blends with the guitar, her songs are heartwarming. This song works for me, everything fits perfectly and the lyrics are pretty heartbreaking.

9. Tristan Allen | Set In Motion (I)
I think this guy is only seventeen, he's a total prodigy - he was discovered by Amanda Palmer after he asked to play for her and she took him on and they recorded this EP of piano compositions he made. They're all really percussive - he plays the piano like a drum kit in some of his songs. This tune is my favorite off the EP.

10. Julianna Barwick | One Half
I discovered Julianna Barwick a while ago but just started listening to her album Nepenthe. She makes songs which sound like a full size choir but she just records her own voice and sings over it again and again. One Half is probably the most epic of the songs, the second half of the track has a pretty amazing feel to it.

SIDE A | by Jori Hulkkonen

1. Scott Walker | Farmer In The City
Not many artists have been able to stretch their career to such lenghts as Scott Walker has. And I’m not talking only about Time here. Hearing this song for the first time was a real eye-opener for me back in the mid 90’s.

2. Carl Craig | At Les
One of the most influential moments in my career was hearing Carl Craig perform At Les live at Sonar festival back in 1997 where I played a live set as well. I was so inspired when I came back home the following week, I didn’t leave the studio for days. The results can be heard on my 1998 album The Spirits Inside Me.

3. Pet Shop Boys | King’s Cross
With their first four Studio albums between 1986-1990 PSB pretty much defined Pop Music for me. Every single thing they recorded in that period, including non-album b-sides, are something I keep going back to.

4. Billy Mackenzie | Wild Is The Wind (Johnny Mathis Cover)
One of my favourite David Bowie songs (quite aware that it's not a Bowie original) gets a magnificent treatment from one the best vocalists ever, Billy Mackenzie.

5. Duet Emmo | Or So It Seems
A strangely underrated band from the early Mute Records catalogue. Simple, haunting and Timeless.

6. Lindsey Buckingham | Go Insane
Another underrated gem. Lindsey Buckingham was riding an amazing creative wave in the 80’s, and this solo effort from him surpasses even most Fleetwood Mac songs. Two kinds of trouble in this world: Living. Dying. Genious.

7. Annibale E I Cantori Moderni | Trinity (Titoli) (They Call Me Trinity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill's movies provided, if nothing else, this stand out Morricone-esque Italo Western classic.

8. Metronomy | Monstrous
Just to balance things with something from this millennium. Metronomy I think are the best Pop-band of the 2010’s so far, and they just keep getting better. Also, amazing live band.

9. Vladimir Cosma | Promenade Sentimentale (Diva Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
From the soundtrack to the French movie Diva from 1981, this is an amazing, a simplistic piano workout.

10. Depeche Mode | The Sun & The Rainfall
Can’t make a list like this without something from DM. My fave album from them is Some Great Reward, but this particular song has been playing in my head recently. It should’ve been a single.

SIDE B | by Juho Paalosmaa

1. Fleetwood Mac | Family Man 
Jori played this to me one time and I soon found myself listening to it... On repeat... Nonstop. I'll grow tired of Life itself before I'll ever tire of hearing Family Man.

2. Wham! | Everything She Wants
In my opinion probably the biggest earworm out there; just a fantastic Funky Pop song. Somebooody tell me...

3. Kissing The Pink | Big Man Restless 
Heard this on a venue in Brixton about 4 years ago; fell in Love immediately. I played a gig at said venue (as Villa Nah) that night, but can only remember hearing Big Man Restless for the first time.

4. RAH Band | Clouds Across The Moon 
Similar story as Big Man Restless, just exchanging Brixton to Turku (Jori's hometown). There's something about the RAH Band that makes me feel like a kid again.

5. Peter Gabriel | Solsbury Hill
I guess we all have that one track we'd choose for our own funeral... Right? This one's mine.

6. William Onyeabor | Fantastic Man 
Brilliant upbeat party tune. The twist in the lyrics is genius in its own right.

7. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Enola Gay 
Highly important to me for the following reasons: Made me want to learn how to play Music. I bought an Electronic Organ just to learn how to play Enola Gay. Years later used the organ to compose my own album Origin for Villa Nah. Then eventually supported OMD on their tour as Villa Nah in 2010... Life can be very strange at times.

8. New Order | Ceremony 
Joy Division/New Order... Doesn't matter which outfit, for some reason Ceremony has the rare ability to make me teary-eyed everytime I hear it.

9. Pulp | The Trees 
One of Pulp's last releases is also among their best. The chorus lyric ...Those useless trees, produce the air that I am breathing... is just wonderful.

10. Philip Glass | Mad Rush
Had the pleasure of watching & hearing Philip perform this live on solo piano. Insanely beautiful.